KoS Rules of Engagement

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KoS Rules of Engagement

Post  Aelphaeis on Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:50 am

This topic is meant to outline rules about Kill on sight wars so that everyone is aware of the rules and risks of certain activities with our enemies. Please read it careful and understand what you should and should not be doing.

Rules :

1) If there is a party with more Hatred members than other guilds/players that we KoS, Hatred members are not allowed to kill a member of that party, however; if there are more KoS members than hatred members, then it is up to the person who sees them to KoS them. It should however, be reported if this is the case.

2) Wars at Akhma should be avoided, preferably to wars should be fought near Limestone bind stone and Mangrove Bind stone. The reason for this is that certain places allow for a lot of cross fire, for members who aoe and debuff, this is likely to cause others to become upset and they may also join the war, as such it is a good idea to fight the war in places where unsuspecting players can not easily be caught in the cross fire.

3) You may not party with the leadership of their guild, and if you see them partying, you should immediately report them to a veteran or commander in the guild.


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